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2.2. (6) issues on config

Dear CCA team.!
4 TAC calls and CLI requirements with standard CCA config
to make advertised features work!
Nothing out of band!

1) When doing a new turn up the wizard will launch in a
minimized window on win 7.  Not knowing
the wizard is there and beginning a config will mess up the way CCA applies the
basic configuration including the number of extension digits when discovering
and using the wizard.

2) SNR management reads incorrect button extension
assignments and SNR's when watch/monitor buttons of other extensions are
provisioned on a phone.  It scrambles
them up requiring the need to go into CLI to fix with TAC.   

3)When setting up standard auto attendant with 3
attendants entering the AA PSTN number using SIP trunks does not correctly
create the necessary translation rules to route inbound calls to those
respective auto attendants.  Going into
incoming dial plan and trying to enter them there returns an error "range
not unique overlaps with AA PSTN number"
So there is no way provision SIP trunks to auto attendants without going
into CLI with TAC

4) Using a generic SIP provider creates two voice source
groups that block inbound SIP invites from the very ITSP because CCA enters the
allow rule in an incorrect format using only the proxy IP and not gathering the
mask,  the fix again going into CLI with

5) SNR application does not work though CCA as CCA enters
a CFwd no answer timeout that conflicts with
the default timeout of SNR that is not editable in CCA requiring a CLI
TAC call to manually remove ephone-dn cfwdnoan timeout and extend SNR timeout.

6) CCA's application of WebEx phone connect locks up
login of user phone so desktop TSP client does not work.  No idea where to begin on this one.

7) When you click to configure "PSTN" trunks it
pulls up 8 FXO trunks.  FXO is an inside
extension port not PSTN.   On the UC520
FXO/FXS are backwards?

Community Member

Re: 2.2. (6) issues on config

Hi David, do you have some TAC case numbers that the CCA team can use to look into to help determine what might be causing some of your issues? Below are some response to some of the questions/issues you may have come across. I know Steve has also been providing responses. Additionally, have you taken advantage of any of the Cisco Reseller training programs for CCA? The hands on training and lab work goes a long way in showing how CCA implements features if there are limitations or best practices so you can find them out before deployments take place.

For #1 - We have not seen this issue in testing with Windows 7, a TAC case would help us track this if it is something others would experience in Windows 7.

#2 – There is an upcoming CCA release later in Dec that will address this issue.

#3 – Some more information is needed to understand what the desired configuration is, the TAC case may provide more details.

#4 – Generic SIP trunk support is difficult because there are variables and changes the SIP trunk provider can make in the parameters CCA needs to understand. We do test and document certain SIP trunk providers and list them in the pull down menu in CCA. For all untested generic SIP Trunk providers we can’t confirm their service will function as desired so validation is needed by the partner before deployment.

#5 – The next release of CCA will address this.

#6 – Which TSP client, that combination may not have been tested. For this particular feature we have received a lot of feedback so a TAC case would help.

#7 – Cisco’s use of the terminology may be different from what others in the industry use. In Cisco training and documentation Cisco’s use of the terminology has been used for a very long time and it may seem the opposite of what others use. In order to be consistent with that establish use the terms the UC500 follows past Cisco precedence.

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Re: 2.2. (6) issues on config

Thanks for reply on the issues.

On the TSP issue it is  TSP is the release that we use with Microsoft Dynamics CRM call connector.   It was working on previous build, but now is not.   Sales people are pissed!    This case is so far beyond TAC.  I get a virtual deer in the headlight stare all the way from India when I try to explain it.

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Re: 2.2. (6) issues on config

Hi David, do you have the TAC case numebers? It helps in trying to track down the details of what has been looked at so far and who has looked at it. If you are not getting accurate information from the help desk we can work to clarify it with them. Also, wanted to asked again if you have taken any of the Reseller training sessions?

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