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2 fax questions: Fax detection and Faxmail Onramp

Question 1:

I'm replacing a phone system and the client would like to replicate a feature of their current phone system.  Client has a PRI.  A fax comes in to a DID mapped to a user extension, the phone system automatically detects it's a fax and reroutes it instead of ringing the extension.  This might be to an alternate number with a fax machine attached, or to email.

Question 2:

I've seen some discussions regarding Faxmail Onramp / T.37 OnRamp.  Is anyone using this successfully on a UC540/560 with a PRI, and routing DIDs designated as fax numbers to users email?  I have config examples, but also see complaints that users only receive partial faxes?

Thank you in advance,



2 fax questions: Fax detection and Faxmail Onramp

Your scenario can be realized without problem. I use a cisco 2431 with PRI - DID and a T.38 fax server.
I've tried to realize it using T.37 tcl script installed directly on the router but I encountered quality issues like fax received partially.
So I've installed Stonefax ( It's a solution based on a license model. There is a very complete guide and It works without problem.
The trial version works for 30 days and handles 2 fax at a time. During this period you can get free support too.


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