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7-digit Redial with SPA5xx

Hi all,

Our company is located in South Mississippi and our customer base spans three different area codes, two of which are 7-digit dialing areas.  We use Metaswitch as our switch provider, which includes a provisioning system.

The issue we're experiencing in our 7-digit areas is that when an SPA phone receives a local call, it shows as a 10-digit number which the phone stores for later use.  When the customer presses redial, it gives them back the full 10-digit string, which they must edit and remove the first three digits in order to dial a local call.  We've had several complaints over this and we're gather several options, including changing our switch translations which is our last resort.

Does anyone know if it is possible to set the SPA-5xx series to use a 7-digit dialing scheme instead of 10?

New Member

7-digit Redial with SPA5xx

You can modify the dial plan (check the admin guide for details and example, avail for download on, to change the dialing of 10 digits to 7 digits.  So when they hit redial, the phone will dial by stripping out the initial matching 3 digits in the dial plan and just send out the 7 digits to the server.

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