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7960 registration rejected on UC520...


We were given some 7960 phones that were previsouly setup for SIP connections not on a Cisco platform.  The phone was reset back to factory defaults using the 12345... code upon phone boot, but now the phone will not register on our UC520.  The phone says registration rejected and the phone log shows...that the phone cannot find ...XML files.

We are running a UC520 with software load 704 (yes, I know upgrade).  We uploaded the 7960 phone load using the 714 software load(becuase it was not in the 704 software), but the 7960 will not register.  I can see the phone using its IP address

Do we need to reload the UC to make the new phone load effective?

Any suggestions would be great.



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Re: 7960 registration rejected on UC520...

Can you verify what firmware the phone is running? You can check on the phone itself. If it's still running SIP the first step would be switch it over

to SCCP.

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Re: 7960 registration rejected on UC520...


App load ID is P00308001000

boot load ID is PC0303010200

version 8.0(10.0)

DSP 4.0(5.0)[A0]

I did not do anything to change from SIP to SCCP.  I did do a factory reset on the phone though.

I found out that the UC has a load 7940_7960 statement under the Telephony section, but noticed that the TFTP-server flash:\phone\7940_7960\... statements seemed to be missing.  So, I added them into the UC, but the phone still did not register.  I went back and looked at my VPN remote config in CCA, and after getting the errors in the attached file, I refreshed the screen and saw that I had a typo in the IP PBX IP address.  So, I manually entered the TFTP IP alternate TFTP server into the phone, and it started to register-yeah...

BUT, after fixing the typo in the IP PBX field and applying those changes, the VPN went down and will not come back up - booooo.

So, now I have a VPN issue.

Can anyone shed any light on those error messages in the attached?  We did not add any CLI to the router, it has been configured with CCA 225 only...?

Also, why after loading the phone load 7940_7960 from CCA onto the UC520 would it NOT add those TFTP-Server lines...?  The UC is on software load 704.



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Re: 7960 registration rejected on UC520...

OK, I got the VPN fixed, but would still like those questions below ansered, if possible, regarding the errors.

I had to delete all VPN settings and re-enter them.

Now, the phone says registration rejected.

I assume I now have some half-way regsitered phone in the UC - how can I check this, and/or remove the phone and start over with it?

I see this in the phone debug log:

2027-08-06 20:19:12.990 Code:8105, P:0, S:12310800
  File Not Found: SEP001795AE6C07.cnf.xml 
  CM Reject: No configuration entry for phone

Phone device log shows:

  File Not Found: SEP001795AE6C07.cnf.xml

So, where is that file, and where should it be?


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Re: 7960 registration rejected on UC520...

Thanks for all the help.

We got it.

We added the phone manually in CCA to the UC520.  it now registered and we are on the UC.

But, the phone has pre-programmed buttons on it with other information.  I changed the button in CCA and applied but it did not push down to the phone.  Some buttons changes push down and some do not...

Any advise?

Thanks John

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