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9951/71 Directory creation


I've found it hard to get good information about setting up directory entries for the 9951 and 9971 phone on the UC5x0. There is documentation out there but it is kind of vague.

I've done this a few times and it works through CLI, but I'm not sure if the same can be done via CCA.

Once the phone is setup, go to CLI on the UC and change the voice register global command:

voice register global

url directory (or whatever your UC ip is)

create profile (This is the important part)

Then reboot the phone by going into the voice register pool:

voice register pool 1 (or whichever number the 99x1 is)

apply-config (this reboots the phone)

You should now see the 3 directories on the phone when you hit the contacts button. Setup the system and personal speed dials as you normally would through the GUI.

If you have any problems post to this thread. I am also working on better softkey setups so I will post that too.

Hope this helps,

Bob James                 

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