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Admin Interface on SPA504G

I noticed that there are options on my phone web interface that appear as though I should be able to modify them but I am unable to find a way to get into an "admin" mode for my phone.  Specifically I would like to change my headset input gain, which looks like it is possible through the web interface.

I have tried going to http://phoneip/ and http://phoneip/admin but both are a view-only site.  What would I need to do to get into an admin mode for my phone to adjust these settings?  Do I need to change something on the UC560 or is this a phone setting?


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Re: Admin Interface on SPA504G

When the 50x phone is connected to the UC, the config changes must be done through the UC.

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Re: Admin Interface on SPA504G

Any advice on how to make those changes?  I have searched up and down in documentation and in the shell and cannot figure out how to make these changes?  What specific change am I supposed to look for?  A change to enable admin access or changing these specific settings (input gain, etc)?

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Re: Admin Interface on SPA504G

It should be in the UC config file for the phones but the easiest way is to change the phone to SIP mode temporarily by going into the phone UI.  Under Setup, number 23, you'll see call control setting, change it to SIP and then save and you'll see that you'll be able to make changes through the web UI.  After making your changes, go ahead and change it back to SPCP.

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Re: Admin Interface on SPA504G

I'm unable to make this setting change on my phone.  I am the admin and could change settings on the UC if I knew what I was looking for.  I found a listing of the files but don't see a file specifically linked to the SPA504G.  Would you be able to tell me specifically which file is the config file for the phone?

Attached is a listing of files on the server.

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Re: Admin Interface on SPA504G

Hi John.

I,m answering because i had the same problem. One year later.

This is the solution (sorry my english):

1) When you use SPA50x phones with UC, the admin interface is out for security.

But you can change any config parameter with a xml file.

2) To see the format of this file you can access your phone web interfaces and type http://ip_phone/admin/spacfg.xml

this file begins with and have a lot of items, one per parameter.

The file ends with

3) You need to write a new file with some of this item, those of your interest. The name of this file is not important.
SPA-cfg.xml for example.

4) Now you must copy this file to the UC flash. You can use the file management utility of CCA.

For example i have supposed you copy it to root directory flash:/

5) Create a TFTP Server entry via CLI, to instruct IOS to serve this file:

tftp-server flash:/SPA-cfg.xml alias /SPA504G-cfg.xml

the alias it's important and depends phone model

you can see the alias you need activating tftp debugging and rebooting the phone you want to configurate.

debug tftp events

in the debugging you can see files looking from the phone when starts. The last file is the alias you must create.

SPA504G-cfg.xml for SPA504G phone model.

This is all. When the file and alias exist on UC, you must reboot the phone. Note: This configuration applies all phones of the same model.

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