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Analog voicemail and UC560

Hello all,

This is my first post here.

I have a uc560 which has a repartee active voice voicemail system connected. Here is the problem:

I cannot have a destination-pattern on my 4 fxs (VIC) ports when i have stcapp enabled. I am fairly new to cisco uc series but it seems to me i cannot connect these 2 systems. I need to support hookflash from the repartee.

Does anyone know if that is correct?

Cisco Employee

Re: Analog voicemail and UC560

HF is supported on the SCCP FXS ports for supplementary services.  You can do conference, transfer, hold, etc.

You don't need a destination-pattern when the FXS is SCCP controlled, because the extension is inherited from the DN assigned to the ephone with the virtual MAC of the FXS port.

New Member

Re: Analog voicemail and UC560

Thanks for the reply,

My first design was to trunk the 4 analog ports, on the dial peer associated with the ports i had to put a destination pattern to forward all calls to the voicemail (and vm-integration). With that design i cannot put stcapp on the ports.

So i tried to put the ports in a hunt group i tried to put the call forward all "voicemail number" on the ephones associated with the voice ports, but that did not work what led me to believe i do need a destination pattern. But i cannot put a pattern on the dial peers due to stcapp.

I think the problem is that the voicemail application uses the same analog port it receives the call on to transfer the same call back to the cisco.

So it should be possible to let the ephone associated with the analog ports transfer all calls over the vm-integration? How would that look like?


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