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Announce call through overhead paging


I need help with this one. Currently my client has a PBX system that when a certain extension is calling it relays it over the paging system, something like a ringtone. I need to emulate this with the UC540. Any pointers here. The plan is to connect the paging system through FXS port, but then what? Is there a solution?


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Re: Announce call through overhead paging

HI SHeidemann

I am not sure if i read you right, but i suppose there shouldnt be anything wrong with placing the station numbe of the FXS port into the Hunt Group (Blast Group) or making it apart of your incoming call flow, this was not just the phones ring but also the Loud Speaker as well.

I can not see this being any different then having a Analogue cordless phone plugged in there, the only difference is that you will have an amplifier plugged into the FXS port.

This is ofcourse assuming i read you comments correctly.



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Re: Announce call through overhead paging

This is what I was thinking of trying first, but there are different extensions that ring differently. There are 4 rolling extensions for a single number. The most critical of the setup is an alarm service that currently when they call their extension designated for their use only it sounds out NECO Calling. This would be like a ringtone, but I can't figure that I can send out ringtones for the FXS and I need it to sound out for all extensions being dialed. A bit of a hang up. I've watched the webex on overhead paging systems. I'm just not sure about the ringout if there is a paging system that we can purchase that would be capable of external answer as the current setup is working.

Thanks Steph

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Re: Announce call through overhead paging

In the end the customer bought the TAM B, to use his existing equipment as an extension to overhead page. He ended up eliminating the phone system from his security solution. So my problem is solved thank goodness. (My opinion) It's a better solution not to announce overhead that the security company is calling because the alarm was triggered. Silly gooses.


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