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Answering lowest number ringing line first automatically?

I have a customer with multiple numbers registered on each phone.  line 1-4 is the number for that phone, and 4-8 are multiple registrations on each person in the company.  Lines 4-8 are the main numbers for 4 different businesses and they need to be able to tell which business is being called.  I have my switch sim ring each phones direct number.


When the customer picks up the phone sometimes line 1 gets the call and sometimes the other line gets the call (4-8 depending on which was ringing)


Is there a setting to make sure that the lowest number line that is ringing gets answered?  In the past I have done this using AAstra phones but we are switching our customers to Cisco

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As far as I know the lowest

As far as I know the lowest number line ringing gets answered. No way to configure other behavior.

So, you either hit firmware bug/race condition or I didn't understood your description.

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you understood it correctly.

you understood it correctly.  I can reproduce it here somewhat easy running 7.5.4 on a spa514 (I dont have a 508 to test)


with line 1 and 4 ringing about 1 in 5 times I answer the call it grabs line 4 and not line 1. 


sounds like I found a bug then.

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You know I'm going to advice

You know I'm going to advice you ;-) ...

Turn on syslog&debug, catch them as well as SIP packets. Then reproduce the problem.

It may help to analyze the issue. It will help either to us, or it may help Cisco support guys.

Note that behavior "lower line wins" is not mentioned in documentation. So Cisco may not consider it firmware bug.


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