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Apple device with uc320w

Hi all,

I have a lot of trouble to setup wireless connection beetwen uc320w wireless data lan and apple devices.

I have an iMac, Macbook Pro. iPhone and iPad that need to use the wireless data lan of the pbx but everytime that the devices are connect to the UC it disconnect the client. If I try to setup a Windows PC it work fine.

My customers work only whit Apple devices and I need to use UC320W for manage the pbx and data networks.

How can I resolve this big problem?

Thanks a lot


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Apple device with uc320w

Hi Andrea,

We have a UC320 and we use iPhones and MacBook Pro's with it quite happily as well as Windows boxes. Have been able to do so since the first time we installed it. We're now on 2.1.1(7) and the wireless is set to WPA2 Personal AES security with the channel on "Seek". Apple systems can be flakely with wireless, but not with the UC320 in our experience.

If you need to manage the UC over wireless, you do need to enable that of course...

Good luck.


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Apple device with uc320w

Thanks Gary,

this sounds good because I cannot in any way to connect with apple devices to the wireless of uc320w.

I try to reconfigure all and re-install the firmware like yours.



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Re: Apple device with uc320w

We also use iPhones and macs wirelessly and have not had issue we are using 2.2.2(1) in Australia all is fine

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