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Apply Configuration

This seems to happen a lot:

Change a config on a phone button, or add a user to a paging greop, hit apply config, you get this message with a greyed out "Apply All Change" button;

Your changes have not been applied to the device.

You can continue to make changes on other pages, then click the button below to apply all changes

I see purple flags next to the sections I made changes to, but not amount of changes corrects the condition.

the only way to recover is to log out and start over...

any ideas?



New Member

Re: Apply Configuration

go through each section and see if there are any errors.

I had this happen to me and was due to errors in the shared extension I created, I had not assigned anyone to it.

New Member

Re: Apply Configuration

This may also happen if the UC320 config utility loses contact with the UC320 itself.  Questions to ask

- Did you unplug your lap or make any network changes like switch from wireless to  wired. Do you have both enabled?

- Did you perform another operation on the UC320. Is it rebooting?

I think this going to be seen once in a while. If this becomes a big annoyance, please open a case with SBSC and the should be able to collect logs to diagnose issue.

Navin Albert

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