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attended transfer

Current algorithm for attended transfer is

  1. During an active call, press the *xfer soft key to place the current call on hold.
  2. Press an idle Line key.
  3. Dial the transfer target number on the newly activated line.
  4. When the target is answered, speak to the target, and then press the *xfer soft key again to complete the transfer.

Is it possible to setup phone to complete transfer call on hangup instead of second xfer pressing? It would be much more convinient and intuitive for users.


Re: attended transfer

yes you can do this.

There are the two types of transfer.

Consultative and Blind.

You described Consultative, where you prefer to inform the person you are transfering the call to about the call before you do as the original calling party heard MOH.

If you press the transfer SK once, dial the phone you want to transfer to, and hang up, that's blind transfer which connects immediately.


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Re: attended transfer

But i need consultative transfer. Our users often forget about pressing xfer second time and hangup without completing transfer.

It's just useless overhead, I think.

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