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Auto attendant dial by number anytime

Hi all,

UC540 with auto-attendant. AA main menu offers to dial your parties extension if you know the number or to choose 8 for french menu or 9 for english menu. If you select 8 or 9, it offers you to choose for Customer Service press 5 or Shipping press 6. One you are in the submenu 1 or 2, callers are unable to dial the extensions. Is it something I miss? The dial by number anytime box is only on the main menu tab, does it mean that we can't dial extension in the sub menus?



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Re: Auto attendant dial by number anytime

I am not sure about this so I am asking the Engineering team about

this and will post their reply.

Re: Auto attendant dial by number anytime

Dial-by-extension-any-time is a configurable parameter that comes with the aa_sbcs_v02.aef script, at the main Menu.

At the sub menu, we are using aa_transfer2.aef which does not support this parameter.

So you are correct, this function does not exist at the sub menu level using CCA.  Script customization is probably an option here.

You can get support by sending an email to

If uyou do, please report back if that was helpful for you and if they were able to help you for everyone else to know.

Steve DiStefano

Systems Engineer

U.S. Partner Sales team

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Re: Auto attendant dial by number anytime

Thanks Steve.

What I did was replace the script in my sub menus. I used the aa_sbcs_v02.aef script instead of the aa_transfer2.aef script. The result is perfect, we are now able to dial by number in the main menu as well as in the sub menus.

Re: Auto attendant dial by number anytime

That was easier than I thought!   Happy to hear this!  Thank you so much for sharing back with the community.

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