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Auto Attendant does not respond to key press only when call from outside

Hi, I have a very strange auto attendant issue.  UC540, version 8.1.

I have main number 100, if no one answers, that goes to auto attendant 198.  The 198 autoattendant will be able to do "press 1 for dial by extension, press 2 for dial by name, press 0 for operator" script. 

If I call from my internal extension for example 110 to 100, then wait it times out, it goes to 198 and I press 1, then press an extension like 105#, it will ring 105, everything works perfectly.

If I call from my cell phone to the FXO POTS main number then 100 rings, after 4 rings, it goes to auto attendant 198, the I press 1, then press 105#, the script keeps saying "please enter the extension number" I entered again 105# the system keeps saying "please enter the extension number" until tried 3 times the script will return an error message then disconnect.  Please note, when I press 1, the system does take it. So that means the key press works at that point.  But when I start press 105# (a subscript inside the mainscript). the thing key press does not work.

So the problem is, the auto attendant behaves differently when calling from internal extension (working), and calling from outside (not working).

I changed both dtmf-realy on the router (dial-peer) and CUE (ccn sip subsystem) to sip-notify from rtp-nte still behave the same problem.

Any one can advise me what the issue is?



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