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auto attendant send voice message command

I have setup a simple after hours auto attendant for incoming calls. when the business is closed we want to give the option to press 1 to leave a message. Currently the script redirects the call to the GDM which plays the GDM welcome message and allows them to leave a message. We did not want them to have to hear the GDM welcome message so I have recorded a silent message.

I noticed in the new CUE Editor 3.x there is a function called "send voice message". Am I able to change my redirect to GDM command to send voice message so that the caller can leave a message directly into the GDM without hearing the welcome message? Or have I misinterpretted the purpose of the 'send voice message' command.

Is there any other way that I should be trying to achieve this?

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Re: auto attendant send voice message command

There is little documentation about this script step, but it seems to me that it can do what you need here. More info on:

You can confirm by writing an email to the alias.


Marcos Hernandez
Technical Marketing Engineer
Cisco Systems, Inc.

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Re: auto attendant send voice message command

thanks marcos, i'll write an email to find out more info. I did read that page but I was confused by having to send a prompt in the command. as i want to ask the caller to record a message and don't see the point of sending a pre-recorded prompt.

i will post back anything i find.

Cisco Employee

Re: auto attendant send voice message command

I had to look into this a little while ago for another customer.  That editor step only allows you to send a pre-defined message as a VM, not record a message from the caller.  It is more for notifications than anything else.  Having the ability to record a messsage and drop it in a voicemail box is a roadmap item, but I do not believe it is committed to a specific release yet.



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Re: auto attendant send voice message command

Thanks Dave. That's what I thought the command might be for, but was kind of hoping I was wrong.

I will have to stick with my redirect command and leave the mailbox with a blank welcome message. A bit messy but at least it works.

I'll let you know if I hear anything different back from the email i sent.

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