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Backing up configuration/data for a UC 500

Hello everyone

My company has recently taken on supporting a UC 500 VOIP system for a customer.

I downloaded and installed CCA 2.0 and was able to get connected to the device however when trying to back up the data I ran into a problem.

In the Cisco Unity Express Voice Mail confguration panel I have selected the Administartion / Backup/Restore / Configuration and have to configure a backup server, now the Domain Server cannot communicate with the UC 500 device so I connected my laptop directly into the UC500 and configued it as directed to

ftp/laptopIPaddress/ftp and used my local admin password, however when running the backup it failed to communicate.

Has anyone any ideas where I went wrong with the back up process?

I have also found an option to back up the configuration using Maintenace / Configuration Archive / Backup Now, it also gives an option to select a local folder location for the backup, however I believe this only backs up the start up configuration?

Any help/advice is greatly apprciated.

Community Member

Re: Backing up configuration/data for a UC 500

Your are most likely running into one or both of the following scenarios:

1) CCA is still running when you try to run the ftp backup of CUE.  CCA has a built in FTP server, so that will conflict with other FTP software you might have loaded.

2) A firewall is preventing the connection.


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