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BE 6k licensing requirements

Hi all,


We are planning to implement IP telephony in our network. We have 106 users. We are planning to buy 1 CUCM BE6k, 3 POE switches and a voice gateway.

What are the required licenses? we need  the basic call routing only (dont want to use video, uccx, etc.)

Is another BE6k server required for redundant SUB?


Any help will be appreciated

Thanks in advance 

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Hey, the functions are based



the functions are based on user licenses not server or application based. But you don't need to install and configure the other applications. But check out the feature table of the licenses. A lot of stuff is always included and you could use it.

You will find details about the licensing here:


Be aware that you need for some phone types a minimum license(table 2).


You could install the subscriber on the same server as the publisher.But yeah, that is only a software redundancy. So for a real physical redundancy you will need a second server, but there is no additional license necessary.



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Christian,you have copied the


you have copied the URL of an outdated version of the BE6000. We are at v. 10.5 now, and starting from 10.0 device licenses have been dismissed. The only necessary licenses are the 5 types of UCL or UWL, namely: UCL Essential, UCL Basic, UCL Enhanced or Enhanced Plus, UWL Standard, UWL Professional. They include different levels of rights and entitle each user to use 1 only device (UCL ess. and basic), 2 devices (UCL Enhanced Plus) or up to 10 devices (UWL licenses). Also, the type of device allowed by each license type is different: for instance, video-phones are only allowed by UWL licenses. UWL also include Voicemail (you can add VMs to UCL licenses by dedicated licenses).

You'd better carefully read the Cisco BE6000 v 10 Ordering Guide. Access to this document is limited but if you don't have a Cisco account you can find the document here:

Hope it helps


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Hello epenco, you're right

Hello epenco,


you're right with the actual version. But Cisco started with Version 9 the user licensing model.

And V.9 BE6k is still orderable, so it's not outdated. It's just one of two version you can buy at the moment.

So for the licsensing, there is no change between v9 and v10.


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Hello, fayizhusain. Do you

Hello, fayizhusain. Do you need more support or already working with any Cisco partner with this implementation? Feel free to e-mail me at for additional concerns. Kind regards. 

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