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BE on MCS v7 migrate to BE6000 on UCS

I have a client who has a 100 single MCS server based Business edition running version 7. Currently they are covered under UCCS/ESW nearing the end of this 3 year agreement.

What is the correct migration path to take them from V7 to BE6k on UCS.  Looking possibly to add some redundancy.

Customer has CUCM/Unity Connection/Presence/Attendant Console applications.

From the SE session I believe I could

buy 2 50 or 100 user bundles or buy 1 bundle and a

migration bundle for the redundant server with all the software preloaded.

If I purchase 2 50s, this gives the active publisher a total of 100 users during normal operation?

My question is is the migration bundle a deep discounted sku that acknowledges the investment of the existing BE version 7 and MCS hardware, or do I have to go through the technology migration path to get value for the existing hardware and licenses?

Is this even the correct roadmap, from v7 or do I have to first upgrade to v9 on the existing hardware under the UCCS support terms, THEN migrate to UCS hardware?

Thank you.


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BE on MCS v7 migrate to BE6000 on UCS

You have mulitple options.

1.  AS you described in the question, buy two 50 bundles will let you have a publisher with 100 user license, and a subscriber server.

2. Just buy one starter bundle, and use the MCS server as you back server.  Please check the MCS server is supported in 9.0. In this case, you will need to upgrade the MCS server with 9.0 SW.

The migration program includes mulitples parts:

1. Migration bundle is discounted with its price just around $1K higher than the listed bare metal server price. and with pre-loaded OS and VMware. It also comes with the free VCS licesnse (5 travelsal license + 10 non travesal ),  5 CC agent license and required VMware license.

2. Don't need to purchase new license.  Just migrate them. What really matters is the migration discount on license.  With the 9X3 migration promotion, you can migrate you licesnse to BE6000 for $9 per license if 3 year UCSS is purchased.

3. Use the MCS server as reducndancy server or run other applications.

4. You don;t nee to upgrade to 9.0 first ro be able to migrate.

We are going to publish a white paper for migration ery soon. Please stay tuned.

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