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Blast group voicemail box (uc500)


When I create a blast group, it automatically creates a voicemail box for it. I don't want these messages to be distributed to multiple users (Unity/CUC can do that with distribution lists), but I rather want several users to have access to this mailbox. How do I provide access to this mailbox and how do I add MWI on some people's phones for it?


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Blast group voicemail box (uc500)

Hi Roman,

In CCA you can assign multiple users to be members of that GDM, however there is no notification for that GDM like you would get for an individuals mail box, this is a limitation it would seem of the system, maybe you can setup IMAP to it and then setup using exchange a distribution list??

I could be wrong and I am sure the Cisco Team will clear that up for you though



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Blast group voicemail box (uc500)


AFAIK, GDM support notification function from day 1.

Using CCA, I create a Hunt group with 2 members.

I am also able to setup notification with the GDM created along with hunt group.

For the member of a GDM, the policy is to have all members have the same privilege to access it.

Therefore, I do not think you can block member to access the GDM.

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