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BLF on unused line key works with SPA504G and not with SPA525G

Hi All,

I have a problem with Busy Lamp Field wich i want to configure on a SPA525G. I have configured the same user account on a SPA504G and a SPA525G.

I want to configure a unused line key to act as BLF and i use the URL

fnc=sd+blf+cp;sub=BLF_587@***.******; usr=*******2500@***.*****

I can get it to work on a SPA504G but not on the SPA525G, i use the same configuration. The SPA525G Line Key is blinking Orange and when i connect the SPA504G its Green an when the user is on a call its Red.

I have allready tried different firmware versions on the SPA525G and no Result. I hope someone has a solution for this ridiculous problem

Kind Regards,

Richard Vernooij

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Re: BLF on unused line key works with SPA504G and not with SPA52

Hi All, we have the same problem with SPA504G with 7.5.4 firmware.

In our configuration only fnc=sd, sub=8*@ is set, we try to set 4 Line Button as Pickup in Asterisk, here is example:


Line key LED is also blinking Orange, but function (*8 - pickup) is worked propertly.

Cut from xml:





These config exist in admin guide on page 36.

Orange blinking say that line is not configured propertly, why?

PS. We haven`t analyzed syslog messages from phone.

Thanks for advice.

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BLF on unused line key works with SPA504G and not with SPA525G

Had this same issue.  Will happen on the 7.5.5 firmware as well.

Solved it by changing the sub part with ext.

Not working example:  fnc=blf+sd+cp;sub=13065551212@PROXY

working example:     fnc=blf+sd+cp;ext=13065551212@PROXY

This drove me nuts for the longest time and happened to find a coding example somewhere in the cisco documentation.

This will correct the 504G orange blinking light issue, or at lease it did on the systems I work on.

Good luck.

New Member

I've a few of the SPA525G

I've a few of the SPA525G handsets, they are a much underrated item, the call recording / Bluetooth to name but two superb features. BUT I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make the unused line keys into BLF's.  I can get them to be speed dial keys just by pressing them then configuring to suit but I've tried all the above fixes & nothing seems to work. Maybe I'm putting the info in the wrong places or not switching the lines on / off etc but after quite a few hours my brain is fried. So any help would be appreciated. they are all upgraded to the latest 7.6.1 firmware, everything else works just the BLF RSVP  

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You didn't disclosed the

You didn't disclosed the complete configuration of line key in question. You disclosed neither who's the BLF state provider nor the subscription name of particular state you wish to monitor. You didn't disclosed catched SIP dialog between phone and such provider.

So sorry, but we are no prophets - no help is possible here ...

New Member

Sorry Dan, I did say my brain

Sorry Dan, I did say my brain had already gone off to bed !  here's my 'line'


I tried changing the to @PROXY as I have filled in the proxy details but still no joy.  I need the light to be green when the distant phone is available, flashing red on receiving a call then red whilst on the call.  Any help appreciated

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Are you sure the sip

Are you sure the provide the other line state information and you are authorized to see it ?

Capture the SIP dialog between phone and the PBX. We need to see SUBSCRIBE request sent by phone and PBX response to such request. It may reveal the issue cause to us.

New Member

Ok, I have finally found a

Ok, I have finally found a solution to the SPA504g and SPA525g coordinating with the SPA9000.

The only difference between setting up the 525 is that the Bluetooth line option under the phone tab must be set to a different line than the monitoring line (default is line 5).

It seems as though the SPA9000 only recognizes the SPA5xx by MAC address. Therefore the "Station Name" under the :Phone " tab must be set to the MAC address, and the characters in the MAC must be lower case! You can set the display name to what you want the phone to display.

The below may contain unnecessary steps, but I am too tired to eliminate any by trial and error. This will work!

In the below example my target phone's MAC address is 84802d401e17 , and my extension is 101:

1.) Set CTI on both phones and SPA900 (under SIP tab) to "yes"
2.) Set phone names to MAC address (use lower case letters)
3.) Set Bluetooth to line 4 on monitoring phone (525 only)
4.) Set Line 5 to "Disabled" and "Shared"
5.) insert   fnc=blf+sd;sub=84802d401e17@$PROXY;ext=101@$PROXY  in the "Extended Function" line
6.) Set "Attendant Console" to "Server Type" to SPA9000 (Do this on both phones) - set line 1 to fnc=blf+sd;sub=84802d401e17@$PROXY;ext=101@$PROXY
7,) On line to be monitored set the line to "Shared"

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