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BLF with Speed Dial issue with multiple calls on SPA509G

I have a very strange issue on a SPA509G when using a speed dial + BLF to pickup calls. It may occur on other models, but I don't have any to test. If there is a better way to handle this issue, I would like to know  about it. There are many situations where it is not feasible to use the  work-around I have found, so I wonder if this issue is a known bug. If so, is there a  timeline for the fix? This is the scenario:

Extensions 1-8 are programmed to numbers 35361-35368. Lines 1-8 are mapped to Extensions 1-8, and each line is private, not shared. Line 12 is programmed as a BLF with Speed Dial using the following Extended Function entry:


When all Lines are idle and a call begins ringing at Outside_Call, the BLF begins blinking red on Line 12. (Outside_Call is not an alias, but it is the actual subscriber account and extension defined on the proxy.) Pressing Line 12 causes the phone to pickup Line 1 and perform the speed dial, connecting me to the extension Outside_Call. If a second call begins ringing at Outside_Call, the BLF begins blinking red on Line 12 again. If I put Line 1 on Hold and press Line 12, the phone picks up Line 1 Call 2 and performs the speed dial, connecting me to the new call at extension Outside_Call. Now I have two calls on Line 1 and can toggle back and forth between them by pressing Line 1. It is completely unexpected that Line 1 Call 2 would be used instead of Line 2 to dial out the speed dial. In fact, if a third call comes in, the speed dial is performed on Line 2, and for the fourth call, the speed dial is performed on Line 3.

Additional troubleshooting has shown that this issue seems related to the Extension defined as the vid for the speed dial Line. For example, if I use the following Extended Function entry for Line 12, Line 2 (instead of Line 1) will get speed dial Calls 1 & 2:


This leads me to believe that speed dial keys have a default vid of 1, so I wondered what would happen if Extension 1 were programmed, but did not appear on any Line keys. As a result, I found a usable work-around for my situation with the following changes to the existing phone configuration:

Extension 1 is number 35369, and Extensions 2-9 are numbers 35361-36368.  Lines 1-8 are mapped to Extensions 2-9. The display of the phone has not changed at all, but now the speed dial does vertical hunting for all Line keys; the anomaly of horizontal hunting on Line 1 key has been eliminated.



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