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Busy indication in display for internal calls

I have a customer who has recently converted to a UC560 and SPA509G phones from an old Norstar.  One feature on the Norstar was that if you called an internal extension and they were already on a call there would be an indication on your display that they were on a call so you would know they were busy and not away.  The users are not liking this is not available on the new system.  I know we could setup unused buttons to monitor other extensions but I don't know yet if they really want that as it would be limited to only a few unless they got the expansion module.

Any option to do something like give feedback in the display when the called extesion is in use?  I can't seem to see or think of a way to do this.

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Re: Busy indication in display for internal calls

In retrospect this may be a good opportunity to bring in presence via call connector. Does that seem like a valid path?

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Busy indication in display for internal calls

Hi David,

Now that you mention it, I never noticed that this feature is not available, on the 7900 series phones not that long ago 18 months or so, it would come up on the phones screen and say user busy, now on the SPA phones down the bottom it just says "Ring Out", I truly never took notice of this... Nice Catch!!!

Whilst I am a big fan of SCC it has its set of problems and I am never comfortable working in a Windows environment unless that environment is controlled by us, working on other peoples managed equipment has always been a point of contention for me, and give that SCC has some bugs in it still, you may need to venture into the inner workings of the system to get it to work at times, something I am not terribly fond of.

If this higher level of presence is required than at this stage this is the only option I can think of, other than adding in on the phone a SPA-500S Module and having every single user set to "WATCH" for both presence and speed dialing.



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