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Call forward main DID for a company with UC520

I updated a client's system to the latest firmware and reset to factory default after some issues.  I set the system back up best practices, but they used to have the inbound DID ring one extension 150 and everyone would overlay that line and would see it.  They could then go and foward just that one extension to an outside line.  Now, I have a blast group installed at 501 and it will ring the extensions and then it will go to the AA after that.  I need an slightly elegant way to have it go to an external number and make it so the end user can do it with some basic instructions.  I don't want to have to show him how to point the DIDs to his extension after removing the pointer to the blast group.  Is there a better way?  The overlay method seemed like a bit of a cludge as well.

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Re: Call forward main DID for a company with UC520

What you can do, is to create an extension, and add "call-forward noan 511 timeout 3", and "call-forward busy 511" with 511 being your blast group.   Then on one of the phones, or multiple phones.  Whoever you want to be able to forward the calls.  Modify there ephone and add a button for that extension.   With this, they can push that button, and change the "call-forward all" which will then forward the call to whatever number they enter, including an external number.

One thing to remember, the phone you setup with that button will ring for 3 seconds before being forwarded to the blast group.  If you don't want that phone to ring, use the silent ring option.  button 1:10 2s150

Make sure you change the incoming call routing to now point incoming calls to that DID to your new extension, and not the blast group.

Thank you,


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Re: Call forward main DID for a company with UC520

Hi Rob,

Darren points out a valid way of controlling this, however I am curious as to what part the AA plays as there could be numerous ways to apply what you want, it is just a matter of find the nearest match to what you want to achieve.

From what you explain in your post the following is taking place:

  1. Call comes into Pilot 501
  2. Pilot 501 is a Parallel Hunt Group (Blast Group)
  3. Pilot has a final destination of AA pilot number
  4. AA has define script (What happens with this? Is it going to an individual extension or other blast groups??)

You want to do the following:

  • Call Flow happens as follows: Blast Group Pilot ---> Time out reached ---> Call is past onto AA Pilot ---> AA Conducts call routing on instructions provided to the AA script
  • You would like to establish a final destination as an outside number


  1. Is the the outside number going to change often?
  2. Do you have phones attached to the system that have a spare button to which you can assign a DN to and have that setup for Call Forward All on it to said external number?
  3. In your call flow/routing once the call is handed of to the AA have you left it flexible enough to steer it to a DN that is configured as Q-2?

I find it best to establish exactly what you want to try and advise the best way to do it, as said before there is more than one way to poke this cat



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