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Call Forward not working like it was

I have had a UC520 system in place for 2 years.  I have it in PBX mode.  There are 8 7960 phones installed.  I have 6 pots lines wired into the system.  And I have assigned each line an ext number starting at 301 as line one and it goes up from there.  Then I have each button on the phones programmed with a line.  And the last two line share a button.  So then I have each line set to ring for 24 seconds at each phone.  Then if no one answers the line it is forwarded to 201 which is the main phone that has a generic V-mail for the customers to leave a message.

So this has been working great for the last 2 years and all of a suddon this week when a call comes in it forwards it right to 201.  But then if I reset the system it will work properly for about 4 hours and then goes back to forwarding the calls right away to 201.  Anyone ever seen this issue or have any ideas.  I changed them all to 23 seconds today, but it started acting up this afternoon again.


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Re: Call Forward not working like it was

Hi Dan,

Can you please attach your full configuration? Remember to remove passwords and sensitive information.



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