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Call forward taking long time

HI Team

We configured an UC320W for a customer with 3 FXO trunks. The first FXO (Main number) is sometimes forwarded to the clients mobile number when not on desk.

To achieve this we configured the call foward through a button on SPA525G, as soon a the customer presses that button, all calls are forwarded to the mobile.

Trouble is this, if somebody calls the main number it gets diverted to his mobile (After pressing the button though on SPA handset). The call forward takes about 18 seconds to get transferred and unfortunately their is no waiting or ringing tone at the callers end. Caller hears silence after the first ring for upto18sec...

Sometimes this means that the call is nowhere and caller hangs up...

Is there anyway we can reduce this time period or atleast let the caller realised that the call is getting transferred....

And the number displayed on the clients mobile is their landline number rather than the caller's can we get the caller's number displayed...

Please help....


Harish Kumar

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Call forward taking long time

Hi Haish,

18 seconds seems like a long time.  Are you looking at the elapsed time on the phone or timing via watch etc after you dial the last digit?

Part of the delay is going off hook on the outbound FXO and outpulsing the digits.  Worst case scenario is going out to cellular as some providers may take longer to provide ringback while searching for the radio.  The challenge is what to do while the call is being transfered.  We don't want to play ringback generated by the UC320 because what happens when the PSTN rejects the call, the user hears ringing then a treatment.  We do have a bug open to see what we can do to improve the experience:  CSCtl49731.

This would be a scenario where the faster call setup times of SIP trunks might make a big difference.

As for caller ID on outbound FXO calls (which is what the transfer is in this case) will always deliver the Caller ID that is provisioned by the FXO provider on that outbound FXO call.  This is just like you can't set what your outbound caller ID is on your home phone... it is controlled by your FXO provider.

Hope this helps.


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Call forward taking long time

HI Chris

Thanks for your reply, there is another way I was thinking of. The customer can do a manual call forward from the same line (Effectively through the telecom carrier) this needs to be punched with some codes like *78 but UC320W does not supports it.

I have spoken to SBCS and they have adviced that this is a problem that has to be fixed by Developer.

I don't know if you guys can also influence this to be developed ASAP as this is becoming a major problem with us..

Australian small businesses prefer to have call forward facility with flexible settings....

Kind Regards

Harish Kumar

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