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Call park via soft key consistency

When parking a call via the softkey on a SPA phone some extensions go from the lowest park location to highest while others go from high park numbers to lower. ie some park 101, 102, 103 104 while others park 105,104,103

Is there any way to determine which extensions park in which order - or better still a way to force them to all park ascending?

I know I can do a directed park or program another key for the park location but dont need all the buttons and directed parking isn't really possible with many people parking calls simultaneously.

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Cisco Employee

Call park via soft key consistency

Hi Tim,

You can create a call-park slot that is reserved  for use by one extension by assigning that slot a number whose last two  digits are the same as the last two digits of the extension. When an  extension starts to park a call, the system searches first for a  call-park slot that has the same final two digits as the extension. If  no such call-park slot exists, the system chooses an available call-park  slot.

The link for more info:

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