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Call pickup and Caller ID


We have just bought 4 SPA504G phones to test before we buy 20 more...

We have managed to provision and update the software in them using TFTP.

There is just one thing that puzzels us, and that is the call pickup feature.

We are using Asterisk and the phones are running software version 7.4.4.

In Asterisk Features.conf we have configured "pickupexten = *37".

If  we just dial *37 we do pickup the calls as expected but we can't see  the Caller ID of the originating call.

The Call Pickup softkeys are also not shown in the softkeys menu.

In the phones web interface under the Phone Tab,

the entry "Programmable Softkeys" --> "Off Hook Key List" is set to "redial|1;dir|2;cfwd|3;dnd|4;lcr|5;unpark|6;pickup|7;gpickup|8;starcode|11;alpha|12".

The fields "Supplementary Services" --> "Call Pick Up Serv"  and "Group Call Pick Up Serv" is set to YES.

I would expect the call pickup functions to be available in position 7  and 8 when the phone is off hook.

What can we do to enable the Call Pickup softkeys?

Is it at all possible to see the caller id of a call that has been picked up?

Is it possible to program  the Group Call Pickup function into a Line Key without defining it as a Speed Dial?

If we set "Line Key 4" -->

     "Extension" = "Disabled"

     "Share Call Appearance" = "Private"

     "Extended Function" = "fnc=sd;sub=*37@$PROXY"

we can pickup the call but the phone does not show the originating caller ID.

Best regards,


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