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Call pickup for non group member on UC520

Having reset the unit to factory defaults, the CEO had been able to monitor the main DID with one of his buttons which was set to go to ext 150 originally.  I have now put in a blast group instead of the extension overlays that had been in place.  The CEO still wants to not have his phone ring, but be able to pickup a call to the group if he knows that no one else is in the office.  Preferably with one button like before.  Any suggestions?


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Re: Call pickup for non group member on UC520

Not sure if you are using CCA, or CLI, but I do not believe that you can do this with CCA..

But a way to do this would be to configure an extension, and add this extension to your blast group.  Then put that extension onto you CEO's phone using the silent ring option -  Button 1:10 2s200.

I have not tested this, but I do not see any reason why it should not work.

Thank you,


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Re: Call pickup for non group member on UC520

Hi Rob,

Again Darren points out one valid way of doing it.

Otherwise you can use the Group Pickup option using CCA or the PickUp options, both a similar but yet can perform different functions, also both of which can be fully customized using CCA, and both a soft keys on the phone.

Sometimes finding an exact match to what a person wants may not be possible, especially when comparing it to another system, normally some user training and mind set coaching can resolve this, even if the process may seem vastly different to what they are used to, human behavior has proven we get used to something quite quickly if repeated often

Look at the following, and i suggesting investigation all three feature sets fully to establish which one suits your or the CEO best:

  • PickUp Functions
    Press the pickup soft key and dial the extension number being called or ringing
  • Group PickUp Function
    Pressing the Group PickUp soft key will pick up all the phones ringing within that group to which the phone is assigned to, if you create more than one group then they must be assigned to them, and then the G-PickUp code must be used to tell the system which group you are wanting to pick-up the call from
  • Silent Button Programming (Darren's Suggestion)
    This is done by creating a DN and then assigning that to a button on the phone using the silent command (CCA will apply this to the config if chosen), it means the key will flash when that DN is being called, and may even show up on the screen that a call is incoming. This config assumes you have a spare button on the phone to do this, and it also assumes that you have flexibility in your call flow routing to do this as well.

Good luck and I hope you find the solution you want and can crete it on the system with ease.



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