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Call Recording UC520


I would like to know is there any call recording solution for uc520. 

All calls should be able to recorded  automatically or manually.

Waiting for valuable suggestions.


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Re: Call Recording UC520

yes there is it,

in search field of cisco community home page type: uc520 live recording, you'll get a .pdf with explanations


Cisco Employee

Re: Call Recording UC520

Call recording ad-hoc, you can do with CME 7.0 and CUE using Live Record. Note that this means calls are recorded from the moment softkey is pressed.If you want a full time call recording solution, we recommend you look at one of our recording partners, Telrex in Seattle, product CallRex. This requires span ports on both the UC500 and Switch, and can record all calls for certain users or on demand.



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Re: Call Recording UC520

when I try to configure SPAN on the UC520 for monitoring, I am getting the error that SPAN is not supported on this platform. Is this so on all UC520 models or just the 8port UC520.

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Re: Call Recording UC520

I noticed SPAN is listed as a 12.4.20T and later IOS feature in feature nav, not sure it's a supported feature but appears to be in the IOS from this version onward, which IOS are you using?

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Re: Call Recording UC520

I am using the 12.4.24T. When I try to do the monitor session command, I am getting the error "SPAN Source Vlan is not supported in this platform".

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Re: Call Recording UC520

UC500 does support SPAN in a limited way...

Here are the limitations...

1. You cannot do vlan based SPAN, meaning you cannot record just
   voice vlan. You can only do individual ports.

2. When CE520 switch is plugged in, there are some other limitations.

    - You will have to do SPAN on CE520 separately. Customer may not
      be willing to do this because that will waste another port on the
      switch for spanning.

    - If you decide to span on UC520 only, then UC520 switch has no
      knowledge of CE520 traffic. So the local calls between the switch
      ports on CE520 cannot be recorded.

3. All the 802.11b/g calls cannot be recorded unless they are to a switch
   port. Wireless to PSTN calls cannot be recorded.

Marcos Hernandez
Technical Marketing Engineer
Cisco Systems, Inc.
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Re: Call Recording UC520

Yes. Thank you

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