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Call Routing / Hunt Groups

I have a question / observations regarding call routing in the UC320.

There are 2 seperate companies under the same roof, both with different numbers.

The requirements are that firstly the reception rings then after 3 rings another 2 phones, 5 rings another set of phones then overflow to VM.

The other requirement is that they both have seperate ring tones so the staff can distinguish between the incoming calls.

I have currently configured the first number to ring hunt group 1 then overflow to huntgroup 2 then to hunt group 3 and finally VM.

The second number is configured to ring a shared extension then overflow to another shared extension then VM.

Is the above the best way to acheive what they want?

If the above is the best way, would it be possible to consider putting a ring delay into the hunt group for selected members as above is a rather messy way to acheive what is quite common and straightforward.



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Call Routing / Hunt Groups

Hi David,

Sounds like what you have proposed will work.  Another option to the second line using shared extensions, is to provision additional extensions on users of the second "line" and then use huntgroups that will ring the additional extensions.  This gives you a unique line button so you can give it a different ringtone (like you are for the shared extensions).  It also gives you the ability to use sequential hunt groups if you want too.

I'm not sure I understand what you are suggesting with the ring delay

Hope this helps.


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