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Call routing SIP & PSTN

Hello I have a query for my IP PBX SPA9000 I would like to add an SPA400 for selected PSTN access.

In the 1st instance I would like to receive my SIP and PSTN calls on my IP phones. I would like to take advantage of cheaper international call to be routed to my SIP provider 24/7, I would also like to use make national and local calls over my SIP provider during week days (6am-6pm). Adding a SPA400 I would like to route local calls over the PSTN network week nights and weekends as BT offer this service free of charge. Can this be achieved by integration an SPA400 with call routing preferences? Also how do I go about setting this up? Thanks in advance Neil

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Re: Call routing SIP & PSTN


The ability to limit how you dial according to what time it is, is beyond the capabilities of the LVS system. You can however create special rules for dialing how you would like. The admin guide for this product is very useful and is attached for you to easily find. The call routing can be adjusted so that you dial an "access code" to choose which service provider to use. You can also make your dialplan reflect how you want your users to dial so that they cannot "disobey" your call routing rules. You would do this by adjusting how many digits can be dialed when a certain access code is pressed.

For example:

9 = outside line through SPA400 for local calls

(<9:>555xxxx) where 555 = local number and xxxx = any 4 digit combination

therefore, the phone user would lift the receiver and dial 9 for an outside tone and then dial the 7 digits. The system would not place the call unless the first 3 digits after the 9 were 555. If they dialed 9 then 655 the call would not go through.

I hope I was descriptive enough. If not post a slightly better description of what you want and I will do my best to help. (the more specific you are the better I can help)


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