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CallConnector - How do we improve the Outlook contacts integration?

Hi all,

We recently deployed the server edition of CallConnector for approx  20 client PC's, linked into CME for one of our customers.  We have however been left with one little snag and I wondered  whether anyone had experienced this before and could come up with a  workaround?

We've configured the screen pop functionality so that  the UCC client polls the individual's Outlook contact database and  provides the name of the caller if there is a match.

The issue is  that, unless there is an exact match with the number format as stored in  the Outlook contact lists, the name will not appear in the screen pop.   So any users that have saved contacts with the international dialling  code within Outlook for example will not get the name coming up on their  PC screens (just the number).

We could obviously tell all the  users to go through all their contacts and get them on the same format  but a lot of the end users have international customers so like to keep  the international dialling codes.

Basically, we want to know if  there is a way of configuring the software so that it successfully  screen pops the identity of the inbound callers irrespective of whether  the contact contains an international code.



Re: CallConnector - How do we improve the Outlook contacts integ

Hi Mike,

Customer can use the Synchronize with Outlook option in right-click menu on IE/Outlook sidebar and Save full number with delimeters.

Please let us know if this resolves the issue.


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