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Calling card usage

Hi All,

Is there a Way that we can create some dial peer in UC500 so that user can dial complete number while using a calling card.

In my case the user dials the 11 digit number of the calling card access number and then it prompts to dial the isdn number mentioning the call charges.

Is there a way that user can dial complete 23 digits in a single shot and the system can connect to a call (with the first 11 digits and then use the rest to dial actual international number) and then dial the international number to call ?

Please help me if this setup is possible ASAP ?

I would like to thank every one who are helping me in advance.


Re: Calling card usage

Will make some assumptions here but is doable:

(only relevant config shown here)

dial-peer voice 10001 pots

destination-pattern 918005551234011T

prefix 18005551234,,,,011

port 0/1/0

This assumes the access number is 18005551234 & the PSTN trunk is analog lines (same config would work for a T1 PRI. The phone user dials 9 + 11 digit access number + 011 + international number - UC520 strips the 9, sends the 11 digit access number, pauses for 4 seconds (that is what the 4 commas are for in the prefix command) and then sends 011 + international number. See if that works - note there will be a longer post dial delay to the user.

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