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Can't make FXO calls, and receiving calls has no sound

An issue started today where I can't make or receive calls using FXO ports (POTS lines).  I tested the cable going into the FXO ports and the lines work fine making calls. 

When I call the number of one of the FXO lines in the UC320, the SPA303 rings properly, but when picked up, there is no sound on either side.  When the SPA303 hangs up, the caller phone call ends 20 seconds later.

When trying to dial out, there is no dial tone, and the call eventually hangs up.  I'm using very old firmware, but there were no changes made that should affect the UC320. 

I've tried FXO Impedence Testing, but nothing happens, it just says "Test Running" and the phone number doesn't get a call. 

My network does not have the UC320 as a firewall pointing to the internet, so the time and date is way off, but this hasn't caused any issues. 

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