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Cannot make outbound call to PSTN with SPA400


I configured SPA9000 with PSTN gateway SPA400. I can make inside calls and also I can receive inbound calls from PSTN, but I cannot make outbound calls to PSTN....always when I reboot SPA400 I can make only one outbound call to PSTN. If I would like to make another outbound call later I cannot...there is busy tone. Then I need to reboot SPA400. I tried to change the version of firmware in SPA400 and also in SPA9000 but without success.

I am located in Slovakia, so I used localization for dial patterns, tone settings and so.

Please, can you help me?


Re: Cannot make outbound call to PSTN with SPA400

Hi Levkut,

With the greatest respect, i ask the following question.  Did you run the latest wizard install software when you installed the Linksys Voice System or did you manually configure the system?  URL below is a link to Alberto document on this site that links to the configuration utility;

The install wizard should contain the most up to date phone, SPA9000 and SPA400 software and will make sure your system is at the most current software version.

If the wizard will not allow you to upgrade, go to the component product description page at and individually download the individual upgrade utility for that component.

For example with the SPA400 the product page is ;  you will see a link to Download Firmware and Accept License Agreement for this Product.

At the moment, Information from your message doesn't show software versions from any of your products or the configurations, and it sounds like you tried to go to the current version of code. It really is advisable to go to the effort to upgrade to the most current versions of code.


It would be interesting to see the configuration of  the SPA9000 or web archive, to see line1, 2, 3 or 4 that connects to the SPA400

These configurations for the SPA9000 can be saved from Internet explorer as single file web archive files.  Even captured screen shots from the SPA400 would be useful.

It would be interesting to see the SPA400 page that shows it's configuration it uses to connect to the SPA9000.

It would be interesting to see the SPA9000 SIP tab to look at the call routing rules.

It would be good to run the wizard to ensure that you have the latest software on all components.

regards Dave

Community Member

Re: Cannot make outbound call to PSTN with SPA400

Hello Dave,

thank you for the reply.

Yes, I also tried this new wizard On SPA9000 I have firmware version 6.1.5. and on SPA400 I have version - test build AU CID mix (I tried also old one). I tried many times factory default both SPA9000 and SPA400 but with same result. Always I can receive inbound call from PSTN and I can make first outbound call to PSTN and no more. SPA400 is registered on SPA9000.

I attached configuration files from SPA9000 and SPA400.



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Re: Cannot make outbound call to PSTN with SPA400

I have the same problem - using the SPA 400  with SPA 9000 in South Africa.  I have also run the wizard, upgraded firmware and set the localization settings posted by Patrick Born as SPA400 Caller ID Localization Configuration  and set the call tones as kindly recommended in Bill Childs recent post on Call Disconnect Tones.  My SPA 400 shows as registerded. Any guidelines as to how to troubleshoot would be greatly appreciated. SPA 9000 SIP tab call  routing - (<:L1,2{1,2,3,4}>9xx.|<:L2{1,2,3,4}>8xx.)

Cisco Employee

Re: Cannot make outbound call to PSTN with SPA400

Hi levkut_topalab and beckerli,

Verify the following in your configuration:

1. 1 switch [keep it simple for now]

2. IP phone connected to switch

3. SPA9000 INTERNET port of connected to switch

4. SPA9000 ETHERNET port is not connected to anything

5. SPA400 ETHERNET port is connected to switch

6. No additional switches or networking gear connected [keep it simple for now]

7. No VLANS are configured [keep it simple for now]

8. No changes have been made to factory default ports [keep it simple for now]

9. 1 PSTN line connected to SPA400 [keep it simple for now]

Here's how an outbound call works / is routed:

1. Dial number on IP phone

2. Phone's dial plan is verified, if good, call is sent to SPA9000, else you will hear busy

3. SPA9000 checks number dialed against Voice tab > SIP tab > PBX Parameters > Call Routing Rule

4. Based on number substitution, call is routed to a SPA9000 Line and if a SPA400, a specific port

The SPA9000 registers to the SPA400 as if the SPA400 is an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP). This implies that the SPA400 must be powered up and available before the SPA9000 is powered up, else the SPA9000's registration to the SPA400 may fail.

Normal LED behavior on the SPA400 at idle is:

  • Power solid green
  • Status solid green
  • Ethernet solid green [may flash with traffic]
  • Line 1-4 off
  • USB solid green

Normal LED behavior on the SPA400 at idle is:

  • Power solid green
  • Internet solid green [may flash with traffic]
  • Phone 1 on if analog phone configured
  • Phone 2 on if analog phone configured

To troubleshoot this, you're going to need to monitor several things simultaneously:

  1. After first outbound call via SPA400, does the associated SPA400 Line LED go out? [on indicates that the line has not been released]
  2. After first outbound call via SPA400, does the associated SPA9000 Line show registered when subsequent outbound SPA400 calls fail? View at SPA9000 > Voice > Info > Line N Status > Registration Stat: Registered
  3. When outbound SPA400 calls fail, is the SPA400 registered? View at SPA400 > Status > SPA400 Status > SIP registration status: Registered
  4. Is the SPA400 Line on hook? View at SPA400 > Status > FXO Line Status > Hook Status > Line N status: On-Hook
  5. What is the associated line's battery level? Should be ~51V
  6. When outbound SPA400 call fails, what happens if you try an inbound call to that SPA400 line?
  7. If the inbound call works, try an outbound SPA400 call, what happens now?

To troubleshoot further:

1. Enable debug

IP Phone:



2. Start logging

3. Make inbound call

4. Make first outbound call

5. Make second outbound call [should fail]

6. Send me the syslog for analysis [please take careful notes of what you do and what happens and the time of day. This helps when wading through thousands of lines of log entries]




Community Member

Re: Cannot make outbound call to PSTN with SPA400

Thank you Patrick for another painstakingly detailed response - it is great to know that one is not alone when all seems to fail!  I will keep this troubleshooting rubric on file for the next time I have this problem.  I reset all the boxes to factory default and carefully re-built the system with experience gained.  I found that I had inconsitently configured the 1 and 10 VLANS and high levels of broadcast traffic was causing the phones to intermittently de-register (and no doubt the 9000 and 400 as well).

Just one thing I would change on the intstructions that were given in your link to Steve's great post  I found that it was not advisable to turn off spanning tree.  I have three switches and multiple VLANS in the network for DMZ's etc. I suspect that a root war may have been going on as the phones were dropping calls at a regular interval.  I enabled spanning tree again and made sure that the router was the root switch for all VLAN's. I also enabled multicast pruning on swithces that were not part of the voice VLAN.

Problem solved.

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