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CCA 2.2.6 w/8.0.5 thinks its 3 digits when its 4?

My CCA believes that our phone system is setup with 3 digital dialing when its actually setup for 4.  It won't allow me to create/modify any 4 digit extensions.  Has anyone else seen this behavior?


Re: CCA 2.2.6 w/8.0.5 thinks its 3 digits when its 4?

I do know that while you can create (add) new extensions (ephone-dns) according to the extension length you set in TSW or Expert mode of CCA, there is a note in the 2.2.6 release notes explaining that subsequent phones which register new, will be auto assigned a 3 digit extension.

This complicates staging, where you may want to plug in phones, but assign them according to your site survey and not arbitrary according to first registered gets next reserved DN.

In CCA 3.0 in final testing now, changes this behavior so while we will allow registration and creation of the 'ephone', we will not auto assign and extension or create an ephone-DN until you specify it ad you desire it.

But I have created 4 digit and 5 digit systems and they otherwise work fine, once you open the telephony> voice window and adjust the new ones added as 3 digits in 2.2.6

So short answer... It is possible to modify in CCA 2.2.6 and should have no more problems in 3.0.

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Re: CCA 2.2.6 w/8.0.5 thinks its 3 digits when its 4?

Do you know where in the CLI the CCA would be getting its info regarding it being a 3 digit or 4 digit system? I originally set it up via CLI then went to CCA to add phones/extensions etc.. I haven't really used CCA in the past, almost always been CLI.  However now that you can't add/change extensions/phones via the CUE like you used to I figured I'd use CCA.  CCA thinks I have a 3 digit system however nowhere in the config can I find anything that would tell the CCA that its a 3 digit and its grey'd out and says i'd need to revert to factory and reconfigure.

I'm anxious for 3.0, I'm hoping its a huge improvement.

Re: CCA 2.2.6 w/8.0.5 thinks its 3 digits when its 4?

We can't easily support CLI configurations and going forward we recommend partners use CCA 3.0 only.

You can do a show telephony service, and look for keyword ' extension length'. May be a parameter of dial plan...

I'm on my iPhone so can't check a system.

You should practice with CCA only, by factory resetting and using TSW and refer to the Feature Description Guide for the latest features supported with CCA (it's in partner central) in expert mode after you use TSW and avoid the time loss and cost of CLI, which sometimes is not supportedby CCA at all, and then you really need your CCVP hat to wear and manage all CLI.

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Re: CCA 2.2.6 w/8.0.5 thinks its 3 digits when its 4?

I really want to use the CCA solely as it is a significant time saver, but since the UC520 first came out I've always configured them from CLI.. I'm not sure if you were w/Cisco when the first version of CCA came out but man alive did that thing have issues.. its left a bad taste ever since.

I can configure/troubleshoot and maintain a UC5xx via CLI solely and have been doing so for the last 15+ I've configured but what the CCA promises and what it delivers aren't always in alignment.

I see the parameter

dialplan-pattern [1-5] [WORD] extension-length [1-24]

However its not defined within my telephony configuration.. is it possible that the UC500 defaults to 3, and the CCA asumes its 3 if its not defined?

Re: CCA 2.2.6 w/8.0.5 thinks its 3 digits when its 4?

Yes, default to 3.

Yes, I was here when uc520 launched in 2007, and Cca 1.0, and yes, that was very unacceptable.

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