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CCA 2.2 adding one user label to multiple phones

I was doing some cleaning of the config so that it was more compatible with CCA 2.2 to fix a registration issue with side cars.

I had two 7921 phones sharing an extension with a desktop phone which CCA did not like, so I changed them in CUE and synchronized and saved the config. All of the phones (except side cars) were working fine.

I then opened CCA and wanted to follow a suggestion which was to remove the problem phone with the side cars and add it back.

CCA force me to enter in a bunch of first and last names for phones that are not assigned to users (annoying), create mailboxes for all the users (I assume) as it required a username and password for each phone (that are not assigned to a user), and also wouldnt let me use the name Van Pelt as a last name so I had to make it VanPelt which of course the customer does not like (I dont think CUE has a problem with it).

So once I made the changes I hit apply from within telephony-voice-users and this is what I got (I had to attach the screen cap). It changed the names on several phones to Office Receptionist.

I included the CCA log as well.

So what do I do not other than reload the router?

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