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CCA 3.0/8.1 Phone Loads no go

Upgraded to CCA 3.0 then 8.1 CME.   All  7975G phones still at 8.5.3S  they do not upgrade to new 8.5.4S load in software pack.   Checked files on flash and they are 8.5.4S.

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Re: CCA 3.0/8.1 Phone Loads no go

I would suggest that you first check the running config.  To make sure that the LOAD statement under "telephony service" is set correctly for the new firmware.  I would also check the "tftp-server" statements to make sure the new firmware files are referenced there also.

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Re: CCA 3.0/8.1 Phone Loads no go


I have absolutly no desire or ability to learn how to do that.   My post was simply to let the CCA team know of yet another glitch.   I will have TAC sort it out (oh how they love CCA) but just one time I would like to load a CCA upgrade and find nothing wrong. 

That said, this is the best so far;  still many bugs, but no show stoppers.

Dual/Line octo line configs on shared lines are a mess. depending on what way you come at it.   CCA still inserts huntstop channel on dual lines by default so call waiting does not work without CLI intervention, multi-level auto attendent still does not create rules to route listed PSTN SIP trunks to respective AA level where the fix is a double entry requirement in the Inbound DID config,  SNR still scrambles traget numbers to line(DN) positions, when you get above 20 users or so, webex phone connect still does not work (has to do with a flaw in the https authentication relative to the Webex site ID created by webex for ther API that is populated in CCA where the HTTPS authentication is the wrong format somehow and it failes login 10 consecutive times and then disables the users webex host account),   CCA still wants to remove 7916 phone loads indicating it is not in use despite having 12 extentions configured and equiped with 7916 side cars and now of course the new phone loads do not get configred by CCA corectly such that the phones upgrade without a CLI intervention.

All that in 10 minutes of use.  I am sure there are more, but the good news is that the voicesourcegroup access list creation issue with SIP trucks was fixed in this realease. 

Bottom line is no new features PLEASE,  make the old ones work first.

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