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CCA 3.0 Dial Plan Issue

It seems in CCA 3.0 the Configure -> Dial Plan -> Incoming page is broken and will cause all inbound routing to be lost.  We finished number porting of some older company numbers to our SIP trunk and then when I tried to map those inbound DID to ring specific extensions it caused all inbound call routing to be lost.  Everything appears to enter correctly but when I press Apply it blows everything away.  Pressing refresh brings up a clear page again and somehow this even blew away our auto attendant ability to answer leaving the company with every incoming call now ringing busy.  I had to reboot the device to the startup config to recover. 

Is this a known bug?  Are there posted instructions for creating this inbound DID to Extension map through the CLI or should I call the support line and have Cisco support do the configuration for me since I'm not allowed to make changes in the CLI or risk losing support... 

The inbound DID in question is for a senior staff and can't just be left to ring dead until the bug is resolved.


(All MWI functionality failed after the update to 8.x and CCA 3.0 also but I'll dig into that in another thread)

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Re: CCA 3.0 Dial Plan Issue

That is not normal behavior for CCA 3.0.  This is not a "known" issue, but normally when things like that happen, CCA is having a problem reading, changing, or modifying the current config.  Was the orginal config that is currently on the unit done with CCA?

To fix this, we would either need you to post your current config, or you may need to call into support to have them help you out.

Thank you,


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Re: CCA 3.0 Dial Plan Issue

I did a bit of searching and I have to disagree.  Yes this has been built and configured through CCA.

Origonally 2.2(6) and currently 3.0.  In 2.2(6) when I opened the

Incoming dial plan it showed all of the items I had entered.  Now I open it and it's blank.

Here is a recent post on with others seeing the exact same problem:

Looks like a bug to me...

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