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CCA 3.0 Telephony Setup Wizard hang

Hi Forumers'

i using UC540 running with 8.1.0 package, SPA525G with 7.4.6 firmware and PVC2300 CCTV with 1.1.x.x firmware. I trying to do intenet camera integrate with the IP Phone.

the machine run on CCA is window 7 64x

i setup the UC and register the IP Phone using CLI. Then only use the CCA 3.0 to integrate the CCTV with IP phone.

it seem that i need to put the IP Phone in the same community, but once i trying to use CCA telephony setup wizard to set the user and phone, unfortunately the loading nearly end but action keep eternally, never ending. It seem like endless process and i force to kill it.

my question

1. how to let the IP phone to join the cctv+UC+IP phone in the same community?

2. CCA case, how to let it finish loading ?



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Re: CCA 3.0 Telephony Setup Wizard hang

Hello there,

this is the screenshot how the application always hang at 99%

i am following the instruction mention at the product guide, attach follow

Anyone have any idea on this? i am 100% following the user manual but still can;t get through



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CCA 3.0 Telephony Setup Wizard hang


I am little confused with your first post. The Telephony setup wizard can be run only when the UC500 is in factory default mode. If you are in factory default mode and if TSW hangs at 99% that most likely means that the TSW is not able to reach the CUE.

Go through everything on this check list

And I can garuntee you that the TSW will work.

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CCA 3.0 Telephony Setup Wizard hang

Hi, try this command may improve the CCA load time

http client cache memory pool 100000

http client cache memory file 500

http client cache query


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Re: CCA 3.0 Telephony Setup Wizard hang

totally not working at all !!!!!!!!!!!!

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CCA 3.0 Telephony Setup Wizard hang

Hi Noel,

I am a little like Albert with this one, just a bit confused as to what it is exactly you are trying to do?

The TSW is only ever run once, post TSW you use the configuration tool to manage each feature and service, as for the PVC2300, you right click on it in the Topology window and add it to site, to manage the PVC2300 you right click on it again and go to its management interface which is its own inbuilt web GUI.

I would recommend that you give the camera a static IP and also if using a power pack with it, then plug it into a trunk port, if doing PoE then a normal access port but set that port to Camera type using the SmartPort wizard.

It would help though if you could clarify your issue further as to what is the exact nature of the problem, and if you haven't logged a case with SBS yet, I would encourage you to do so.



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Re: CCA 3.0 Telephony Setup Wizard hang


Don't use CCA to set this up...doesn't work half the time.

Follow instructions on this 100% of the time for me.

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