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CCA doesn't load full topology


I have been adding features to a uc520 and now it nolonger loads neither the full network topology nor any voice related thing in cca regardless the version of the cca. I am using cca v3.0.

When I try to add the first switch (ce520) connected to it to site (community), I get an error saying "WS-CE520-24PC-K9 is not reachable. unable to connect". the switch is connected and can be pinged. The status bar shows "Discovering ..." (switch ip address) indefinitely.

When I click "Users and Phones", I get a "Voicemail Communication Failure" window saying "Voicemail may not be working normally. we strongly recommend that you choose yes and run cue diagnostics to verify that voicemail is functioning properly before continuing. if you choose no to ignore this message and continue, the voicemail system may become inoperable". I can't as well load any voice features.

In the CUE connectivity diagnostics window, checking the status indicates that the voicemail may not be operational. however it is.

I read about cases where CUE might be the cause but in my case CUE works fine and reconfiguring it as they suggest didn't help.

any suggestions? the configuration file is attached


Re: CCA doesn't load full topology

Two quick suggestions, before you would need to collect logs.

1) if the switch is set with a DHCP IP address, and it changes, CCA will show the old address as a red ICON, unreachable and with no phones, and will show the new IP address as a newly discovered switch, which you will need to right click and then add to site, to see the phones again. Solution is to assign a static IP to the switch.

When UC500 is powered on, IOS starts first, but CUE takes more time (I have seen 15 minutes). Same after reloads. If you had either of these, then starting CCA in this state will show this.

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Re: CCA doesn't load full topology

What you described in the second suggestion is right. I actually thought it was normal for CUE to take such a long time. what should I do to correct this?

Re: CCA doesn't load full topology

I didnt mean to say it was a problem or bug.  It just takes that long is all.  So you need to wait.

UC560 is faster.  UC520 and UC540 are slower to load.

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Re: CCA doesn't load full topology

alright, nice to know my CUE is fine. but now what can I do for the topology to load as well as the voicemail, aa, and other voice features to load?

Re: CCA doesn't load full topology

Open a case, or post your show running config (carfule to remove sensitive information), or both.

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