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CCA or whatever... big brother or simple lightness!?

Hi Team,

on the PC there is an active process that insistently queries the UC540 with a telnet session (not secure)... What is it? An accessory of CCA that controls the type of installation also without opening the program?

Meanwhile, the little thing nice is that all data in plain-text including the password :-( , the other inconvenience, it is likely that the password is stored somewhere on my PC (I refer to the level 15 password) !!!  Ok, I can imagine that it is linked to the matter of the beta version; but why not highlight these risks well...

These the commands sent:


terminal width 0

terminal length 0

show version

show diag

show interfaces integrated-Service-Engine 0/0

show cdp neighbors detail


Or what else is? How do I stop it?



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CCA, big brother !?

Admittedly I'm not CCA expert at all, but I can tell you for sure, if it couldn't do these things,  it would have no way to work.

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Re: CCA, big brother !?

Hi Paolo,

I'm not sure I understand your answer, I write, using the translator, and not understand all the nuances of the language . However, what I find very strange, you turn up a PC and see network traffic continuously to the UC540 with use of the your enable password and without opening CCA! I can assume two things: this system has been activated with the beta (I guess that is not present on the normal version) and remains active until I uninstall CCA or other (you can imagine what)...

I must have missed some of the communication team and in any case it seems to me something not quite right.


I find my enable secret on windows registry...

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Explorer Bars\{C4EE31F3-4768-11D8-BE5C-00A0C1A47DA9}\ContainingTextMRU

...mmmmm, maybe something related to 'call connector tool bar' with that process (does not stop even closing call connector).



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