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CCA support for DNS SRV records and other SIP trunk issues


Please can I raise the following?

1. Why doesn't CCA support DNS SRV ?

Example. Generic SIP trunk is configured to use outbound proxy of ""

CCA fails to carry out an SRV lookup for this record and

a. Generates an availability error

b. Fails to configure Access-list 3 for Toll fraud protection automatically

c. Fails to configure access-list 104 for WAN access list corrections.

I acknowledge that IP addresses can be added manually however there is belief that configured settings are not processed correctly due to error in a. above.

2. G711 u-law selected without support for other codec.

If  g711uaw is the only configured codec then

A. Inbound SIP dial-peers use voice-class codec 1 and this class has g711ulaw configured

B Outbound SIP dial-peers do not has any voice-class codec configured (tested using UK dialplan). I'm not sure whether the codec selection is missing due to 1. above.

As a result inbound calls use g711u and outbound calls appear to work with g729r8.

Inbound SIP calls which are set to be forwarded to a PSTN SIP destination fail with a 500 and an outbound call is not invoked (I like this behavior by the way, just need to fix the dial-peer codec selection) eg call forwarding & Mobility are not operational

3. On the matter of codecs. Why are codecs masked at all. Would it not be better to support a larger selction of codecs:

a. configure a universal transcoder & use codec transparent


b. configure a universal transcoder and use a set of administratively preferred preferences.




CCA support for DNS SRV records and other SIP trunk issues

Cisco - please can you respond ?


Cisco Employee

CCA support for DNS SRV records and other SIP trunk issues

Hello Adam,

I believe it will be easier if you call SBSC and ask the questions directly. The questions are very good and exact. I will try to answer shortly. Assuming you use only CCA to configure the system.

1. If you have set dns for your internet connection it should work, you may try with different dns servers. Please delete the SIP trunk and recreate it.

2. Please delete the SIP trunk and recreate it.

3. If you need to configure more codecs through CCA you may send feature request using envelope button of the CCA.

I hope the above answers will be helpful although very short. If they are not helpful please contact SBSC and open a case.

Best regards,


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