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CCA Web integrated inside UC5x0 with php & MySQL...

Hello, I new user of Cisco Configuration Assitant and I very hait this software JAVA.

You have make CCA in JAVA.

But JAVA it's open and can work in other OS (FreeBSD. Linux, Solaris, IRIX, OS X...) you have make limitation for only privilege Windows. But windows it's not used by all company !

When I have buy UC520 I don't have read you are forced buy computer for install real Windows !

Now many users have same problem of mine VirtualBox don't support correctly CCA. I'm not user Windows I never have use windows at my work and at home. But now I have buy computer for install CCA and work with Windows.

You have contract with Microsoft for force users buy this OS ?

Why you not integrate CCA inside your product. Like Nortel, ZyXEL, Netgrar, Bewan, Siemens... Can manage UC5x0 directly in web explorer ?

use AJAX, PHP, MySQL, and JAVA.

With this integration you don't have more problem with OS. And for upgrade you can add bouton for direct connect to your web site send serial and update directly like forum SMF. Where stock this web site inside CF, update 128MB to 2GB.

Cisco Employee

Re: CCA Web integrated inside UC5x0 with php & MySQL...

Appreciate the feedback....understand not all users like or use Microsoft Windows (use Apple myself)...but in making an application available for our partners due to development and testing resources we have to go with what most of the world is using, at that is Windows. To support other operating systems at this time is just not practical.

Another option for you, to become familar with IOS CLI and use this as an alternative configuration solution. Much more complex, and we only recommend to partners who go though our UC Express Specialization.

Ron Lewis


Community Member

Re: CCA Web integrated inside UC5x0 with php & MySQL...


There are no plans to add support for CCA outside of Windows. UC500/CME includes an embedded voice administrator tool that allows you to perform some voice related tasks. More info on:



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