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CfwdAll Best Practice

We have several clients that want incoming calls routed to several users or to a blast group, however they also want the primary receptionist type people to have the ability to forward all calls when they leave, so we have these looonnng work arounds to do this, but I am just thinking there may be a better way?

Just seems like the last 2 or 3 installs wanted the incoming calls to work like this?

Best practice?


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Re: CfwdAll Best Practice

Hi Chris,

I am not aware of any so called best practices, i think you just use the best possible programming scenario to suit the customers needs, i would think that would be the best practice, but i could be wrong :)

I am not sure how you are managing the call flow now, but here are a couple of possible scenarios you can look at doing:

Scenario 1:

  • Route incoming calls to DN's (Dual-Lines or Octo-Lines)
  • Assign those DN's to users buttons I.E button 1:40 2:41 3:42 etc..etc..
  • When Receptionist type people leave they can press the assigned button and CfwdAll to a designated number, this way it placed the call forward on the DN itself and is not extension based CfwdAll
  • You may need to assign overflow DN's if you choose Dual-line DN's to allow for multiples of calls to come through

Scenario 2:

  • Route incoming calls to a parallel hunt-group
  • assign extensions to that PHG
  • set final destination to a visrtual DN
  • Assign that virtual DN as an overlay on a line button
  • set CfwdALL option on that virtual DN as a permanent CfwdAll (If the number is not going to change)

I can think of at least 2 maybe 3 other ways, but man they are long winded and hard to manage, I am always of the opinion that the more complex the call routing becomes, the worse the headaches become managing the system, I have hard times following the call flows of complex setups that I even created, I often leave myself scratching my head wondering what the hell I was thinking at the time, don't get yourself in that position.

NOTE: Use multiple parallel hunt-groups if you need to as well, that can also help with call routing if you are running DID's over ISDN or PRI.

Hope the above suggestion spur some ideas in your head and help you to find a solution :)



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