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Change CUCM 8.5 default language

I have a UC520 and I need additional FXS ports. Can I use the SPA8800? if not what would you recommend?



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SPA8800 compatibility with UC520


I am using an SPA8000 with my UC520 for extra FXS ports so I'd be willing to bet that an SPA8800 would work also.


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SPA8800 compatibility with UC520

Hi Ihssan,

Yes it will work with a UC-500, although it may still require some CLI work to be done. Given the current stance that SBCS support has on requesting SBS staff to make the CLI changes required, you may not get it to work with their blessings unless you are UC-Express certified... But if you need to get it done then you may just need to take the plunge and not say anything (I didn't just say that, it was a figment of your imagination ).

Essentially you need to create a SIP end point I.E Like a desk phone, and there is multiple sections in theory that need to be programmed up, the hardest part of this is making sure CCA will not blow it away if you choose to continue you manage the system using CCA after the CLI update.

I dont have a CCA compliant CLI configu on hand so I cannot help you with it, however try the support path first and see how you go there.

Unless CCA does support it now then its a "Thunder Birds Are Go" for you



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SPA8800 compatibility with UC520

Thank you guys

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