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Checking DND Remotely

Is there any way to check if a phone has DND turned on without looking at the phone itself?  Can it be turned off or on from CCA or CUE?


Re: Checking DND Remotely

If its something a supervisor wants to monitor frequently, consider a Monitor Button.  They show DND status.

I just checked CCA and Office Manager.   Neither seems to have it.  OM does let you adjust all the Forwarding and SNR though, BTW.

I think this is a good request for OM.  I will ask Marcos what he thinks (if this is possible to do remotely may be an issue).

We will let you know.

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Re: Checking DND Remotely

DND for OM is not on the roadmap. We would need to define the use cases for having it. I agree that OM is a natural place for this feature to be included.


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Re: Checking DND Remotely

There is not a "great" case for it.  Maybe a good case.  I got 2 service requests this week for two different customers that claimed they were not getting incoming calls.  It is not a problem for me to call them and ask them to look at their display to see if it says DND but it would work out better if I could see remotely if DND was active.  If it is not, I can start troubleshooting other things before I call the customer.  You can see in the configuration if someone activated the CFA button on their phone.  You would think DND would work like that.

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