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Cisco Borderless Networks and SMB's


With the annoucements today of the new equipment and position for the Borderless network, I was wondering if any of this translates down to SMB's (or will it in the future).

Specifically, I'm interested in the Virtual Office, and will/can this be a product that integrates into the UC500 devices?

The need is there, and it would be nice to have "near" zero-touch configurations at branches to teleworkers, but the back-end applications and requirements are still way to high for SMB's.

Cisco, comments?


Bob James

Community Member

Re: Cisco Borderless Networks and SMB's

Hi Bob, with regards to the question about the Virtual Office, there are aspects of this supported today with the Cisco UC500. A remote router with an IP Phone can be used at the teleworker site and act as a remote extension for the UC500, whether that is the small business owner's house or a remote sales person.

We are continuing to work on more options to make deployments less complicated. For simplified deployment options for teleworkers, the Cisco SPA525G phone provides a built in VPN client. In the Cisco Configuration Assistant tool, there is a Phone VPN set up wizard that allows the VPN connection parameters to be set up ahead of time and then the end user can plug the phone in when they get home and the phone will connect back to the UC500.


Re: Cisco Borderless Networks and SMB's

Supporting Marc's second paragraph, please find Lab 19 on this link (scroll down when you get there):

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Re: Cisco Borderless Networks and SMB's

Thanks Guys,

I have tested and deployed these configurations already, I was just wondering if any of the new solutions would trickle down (in a timely fashion) to the SMB space. A no touch VPN solution would be nice for a branch or teleworker (virtual office), but the current solutions work well.


Bob James

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