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Cisco SG200P with UC-540

I had the opportunity to purchase a Cisco SGE200P (28 port GB w/POE) Switch for our small office at NFR pricing, so I did.

My techs were complaining of file xfer rates with the 10/100 POE and the SGE200P seemed like a good deal.

Even though I remember reading that CCA 3.1 supported it, it turns out there is a huge issue;

The SGE200P does not (yet) support Cisco CDE. So it appears as if VLAN 100 has to be created manually and assigned to each switch port that is to be used with a phone. Then, you have to go to each phone and manually set it to use VLAN 100.

Finally, when if you ever move the phone to another switch, or take it home, it doesn't work until you remember to undue the manual vlan.

Is settign the switch, ports and phones manually to VLAN 100 the best way to deal with this?

What are the proper/best practice step-by-step directions to configure Cisco's new SC200P switch for UC-5x0?

Is the issue actually CDP, and will the switch ever support CDP?

Does anyone want a slightly used 24-port GB POE switch?

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Re: Cisco SG200P with UC-540

This is an SG200-26P and not an SGE2000P?  If it is the SG200, then it is likely still running the 1.0 firmware which did not have CDP support.  You can get the 1.1 firmware from the website which will give you CDP plus a bunch of other features.  Since this is a new box, I suggest after upgrading that you factory default the configuration which will enable all the auto voice features, and hopefully you should find that everything works automatically and smoothly for you.

If you actually have an SGE2000P, then I'm afraid you are out of luck.  Thos switches do not support CDP (only LLDP correction: no LLDP support on the SFE/SGE2000 platforms), and do not have the auto voice features that the 200 series and 300 series switches do.



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