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Cisco SPA 303

Recently I tried hooking up a SPA 303 phone in our office with the help of our provider Active PBX our support. We got through most of the process when the phone popped up a message in the screen "SOS Phone in Recovery Mode". Together we tried everything to the phone to correct whatever happened even tried to update the firmware and nothing. So I called Cisco and I was informed that the warranty had expired 10/2013 on this phone. So my question can an engineer from Cisco help me with fixing the phone or would we need to purchase another phone? Please help need phone ASAP.


Thank you,

Gay Copher

Aerofield Services LLC



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You need no Cisco engineer

You need no Cisco engineer help for something like it.

Recovery utility is packed within ZIP with firmware, so download the firmware, unpack and run  spa50x-30x-*-recovery.exe on Windows computer connected to the same local network as broken phone and follow the instructions.

The only magic is the selection of recovery firmware version. It depend on version of SOS recovery loader. I wish the 7.4.9c firmware should work for you.


When you phone become recovered to 7.4.9c, you should upgrade it to 7.5.2b and then to 7.5.6 (it can't be done in one step).

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Hello, GayYou can still get

Hello, Gay

You can still get support on your SPA 303 in case of any technical issues such as this one, no need to purchase another phone. Let me know if you need local Cisco support for your phone. 

Let me know if you have additional concerns or e-mail ( me directly. Kind regards. 

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